Thursday, July 19, 2012

Bodhi House Closing - New Address & Phone

Dear Friends,

The Bodhi House, former in-town lodging for our Bhikkhuni Sangha for the past 3 years, is now closed.  Dhammadharini's (Dhammadharini Support Foundation's) office at the Bodhi House closed as of Friday, July 20th, 2012. Out of respect for the privacy of it's lay family residents, please do not visit the Bodhi House -- no monastics are in residence there now.  

Note: Dhammadharini [Support Foundation] mail posted in past to the Bodhi House should now be posted to:

Dhammadharini (Support Foundation)
PO Box 1671, Fremont, CA 94538

Our Women's Monastic Community is now located at the Aranya Bodhi Awakening Forest Hermitage ( and at a new temporary vihara in Santa Rosa (email:  Monastic teachers also come down to teach at the Wat Buddhanusorn and the Peace Pagoda in Fremont, as well as other venues around the Bay Area. To invite a teacher, email dhammadharini@gmail. To see a schedule of teachings and other news from our monastic community, go to and click on the "Dhammadharini News" tab at the top of any page.

Mail to our monastics at the hermitage may be posted to:

Aranya Bodhi Hermitage
PO Box 16, Jenner, CA 95450

Hermitage message phone: 1-707-340-4281.  
You can also Skype: "Aranya_Bodhi" or email:

Mail to our monastics at the Santa Rosa Vihara may be posted to:

Santa Rosa Vihara
5010 Grange Rd, Santa Rosa, CA 95404

Vihara phone: 1-707-583-9522
You can also email:

For any questions about the closing of the Bodhi House or our new monastic abodes and activities, email Dhammadharini, our hermitage or the Santa Rosa Vihara.

from Friends of the former Bodhi House

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